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The Top 5 Contractors in Riverside County

By: Ron Sudman
September 8, 2023  | ,
Starting a project to improve your home, boost your property's value, or fix things can be exciting. But finding a reliable contractor can be tricky. How do you ensure you pick the best one to arrive on time and charge a fair price?

The answer is simple: do your homework. It's like having a map on your adventure. Look into their qualifications, check their past work, and read what others have said about them. Find out if they have a history of being on time and sticking to the budget.

By doing your research, you can turn uncertainty into confidence. It's the key to making your project go smoothly, stay within your budget, and finish on time. Your project's success is in your hands, and it starts with finding the right contractor through careful research.

Research, Reviews, Ratings

Whether you're running a property management company or simply managing your household, the importance of thorough research before entrusting any contractor with work on your property cannot be overstated. It's fundamental to ensure your investment's safety and peace of mind. One critical aspect to verify is that the contractor you're eyeing possesses the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurance. Neglecting this could lead to unforeseen liabilities. You might be entangled in legal complications if a contractor sustains an injury while working on your property without proper insurance coverage.

Fortunately, in this age of digital connectivity, your quest for the right contractor has been significantly streamlined. Whether you require the expertise of a plumber, a garage door specialist, or a General Contractor for extensive projects such as kitchen or bathroom renovations, searching for the perfect professional is as simple as a few clicks. With an internet connection, you can access many online platforms like YELP ReviewsGoogle Reviews, or Angi’s List, customized to your specific location, say Riverside County, California. These platforms are invaluable resources, generating instant results that can aid your selection process.

Client reviews are a goldmine of information. They reveal insights into customer service quality and pricing fairness among contractors. Dive into these reviews, as they can make or break your project experience. We recommend checking multiple review platforms for a holistic view. For larger projects like major renovations, seek references from past clients. Speaking with them firsthand provides added confidence in your decision-making process.

The internet has transformed the contractor selection process into a user-friendly journey filled with valuable information at your fingertips. The key to success is taking full advantage of these resources, ensuring you find a contractor who meets and exceeds your expectations, and guaranteeing a smooth and stress-free project experience.

Below is a list of our Top Picks for Contractors in Riverside County

The quest for a reliable vendor or contractor is a perpetual struggle. As a homeowner, you want to receive top-notch quality work at a fair price. Over the past eight years, we've dedicated countless hours scouring the internet, exploring Home Depot and Lowes in search of that ideal contractor.

Our selection of these contractors wasn't left to chance but was meticulously crafted through our direct engagements with their companies. They've been the backbone of our property maintenance across Inland Empire and the Orange County. Through these collaborations, we've intimately understood their top-tier customer service, transparent pricing, and exceptional workmanship.

As this article was penned, we can affirm that these contractors held the necessary licenses and insurance. However, we wholeheartedly advise verifying their current credentials when considering their services. Your project's success and peace of mind depend on it.

Top Garage Door Company: Pro Door Systems

Imagine it's Monday morning after a relaxing weekend. You overslept, hitting the snooze button too many times, and now you're rushing to get to work. You quickly go through your morning routine, grab your keys and phone, hop in your car, and press the garage remote to open the door. Suddenly, there's a loud noise, and when you check your rearview mirror, you realize the garage door didn't open.

Your stress levels rise as you realize you'll be late for work and must call your boss to explain the situation. But don't fret! With over 30 years of servicing Riverside, California, and Orange County, we have the perfect garage door company to recommend.

We understand how challenging it can be to choose the right garage door company, especially when dealing with the stress of being late for work due to a garage door mishap. Let us ease your frustration by connecting you with one of our trusted vendors. You can rest assured that the job will be done correctly, allowing you to focus on your day without worrying about your garage door.

Pro Door Systems

Pro Door is a remarkable family-owned business led by the dynamic duo of Mike and Ann. They've been invaluable partners to our company for over 15 years, and their wealth of experience spans two decades, during which they've expertly serviced more than 10,000 homes, apartment complexes, and commercial properties. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to customer service excellence. Residents consistently praise their punctuality, thorough follow-up, and competitive pricing.

While Pro Door may not have a flashy website, they are a hidden gem in the industry. They're the ones to call if you need garage door repair or replacement. Pro Door is a reliable team that can be reached anytime and is ready to tackle your garage door needs efficiently. What's truly remarkable is that Pro Door doesn't advertise; they rely solely on referrals stemming from their exceptional work.

Based in the Inland Empire, they also extend their services to Orange County. Pro Door's reputation is a testament to its dedication and high-quality service, making it a trusted resource for all your garage door needs.

Top Air Conditioner Company: Empire Appliance

Like clockwork, your air conditioning system fails when the outdoor temperature rises. Suddenly, your indoor space feels like an oven, pushing your patience to the limit. You frantically dial every AC company in the vicinity, only to discover they're all fully booked for the next seven to ten days. Frustration escalates, and, in your desperation, you finally locate a company willing to send a technician – but their willingness comes at a hefty price.

Don't let that become your reality. Instead, reach out to Empire Appliance, where they prioritize your comfort and offer prompt and affordable solutions, ensuring you stay cool without breaking the bank.

Empire Appliance

Despite its name, Empire Appliance offers a wide array of services beyond just appliances. A dedicated father and son team runs this family-owned business in the Inland Empire. With over 30 years in the industry, they have served numerous homes and established themselves as trusted experts. Empire Appliance recently marked 25 years as a preferred vendor for Management One.

Their exceptional customer service is a point of pride, earning accolades from our residents who appreciate their punctuality, thorough follow-up, and competitive pricing. While you won't find a website for now, Empire Appliance is the go-to professional for AC unit repairs, Heaters to Refrigerators, Dishwashers, and appliance servicing.

Empire Appliance's impressive track record and commitment to excellence make it an indispensable resource. Whether it's your air conditioner or household appliances needing repair, they are the team to call. We're confident you'll be delighted with their service.

Top Plumber Company: Elite Plumbing and Drains

Selecting the right plumbing company can be challenging, especially when facing an emergency like water gushing from your garage at 7 p.m. on a Friday night. It's equally disconcerting when you return home from a lovely evening with your family, only to find a flood when you open your garage door. Initially, you're left bewildered, thinking, "What on earth is happening?" Then, the grim reality sets in - your cherished Christmas decorations may be ruined.

Panic follows suit. Questions race through your mind: Where is this water coming from? How do I stop it? What about my belongings? Who can I even call at this late hour? Unfortunately, panic often leads to rushed decisions, which can become costly mistakes. And then there's the lingering concern about the financial aspect – how much will this cost?

Whether you're a homeowner, landlord, or property manager, dealing with such a situation on a Friday night is far from ideal. The real challenge begins – finding a trustworthy contractor to rectify the issue without breaking the bank.

But we're here to make your life easier. We've compiled a list of our top plumbing company recommendations for Riverside, CA, and the Orange County areas. While it's not an exhaustive list, it features vetted plumbing companies like Elite Plumbing and Drains. These are businesses with the necessary licenses, bonds, insurance, and a reputation for operating with integrity. Let us save you time and frustration – choose from our trusted options for peace of mind when plumbing issues arise.

Elite Plumbing and Drains

When plumbing problems strike, don't worry – their skilled plumbers are here to save the day, 24/7! They are not your average plumbing service but your go-to residential and commercial sewer and drains specialists, armed with top-notch technology and a passion for excellence.

At Elite Plumbing and Drains, they understand that your home is your sanctuary, and Elite Plumbing and Drains is on a mission to make it fully functional and enjoyable daily. They don't believe in quick fixes; they're in it for the long haul. They want to be your plumbing partners for life, building lasting relationships with their customers.

With nearly a decade of experience, Elite Plumbing and Drains takes immense pride in providing round-the-clock service to the incredible residents of Riverside and its surrounding areas. Elite Plumbing and Drains is not just a plumbing company; they’re your premier plumbing superheroes, ready to tackle any plumbing challenge that comes our way. Contact Elite Plumbing and Drains – where your plumbing peace of mind awaits!

Top Locksmith Company: Locksmith Hotline

Ever found yourself in the middle of a Friday night fiasco like this? You’re standing at your front door, the weight of the workweek bearing down on you, eager to finally kick back and start the weekend. Your hand reaches into your bag, searching for your keys, and when you finally pull them out, there's a sinking feeling in your gut – they're not the keys to your home.

You try the lock anyway, hoping for a miracle, but the door remains steadfastly locked. Panic begins to creep in as you retrace your steps mentally, realizing that your house keys are either lost, left inside, or, worse yet, sitting on your office desk miles away. It's a predicament that can quickly turn your Friday night plans into a nightmare.

You contemplate two options: the impractical idea of sleeping in your car or calling an expensive locksmith at this hour. Well, guess what? There is a third option because we have a 24/7 trusted locksmith company cut out for times like this, and it’s Locksmith Hotline!

Locksmith Hotline

Locksmith Hotline is your trusted locksmith service provider, dedicated to safeguarding your security needs. Founded in 2018 by Joey Rey, this company is fueled by a passion for assisting others. The founder's commitment to value and team growth underscores Locksmith Hotline's daily operations, recognizing that their people drive their success.

Guided by their mission, "Safety should never be compromised," Locksmith Hotline offers a comprehensive range of services, including Residential and Commercial lockouts, Security Commercial door plates, Car lockouts, re-keying, key duplication, and more.

Locksmith Hotline proudly serves Riverside County, Orange County, and surrounding areas within a 60-mile radius. Their commitment to your safety knows no bounds, as they operate 24/7, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. Whether it's your home, business, or vehicle, Locksmith Hotline prioritizes your safety with professionalism and a friendly approach. For all your locksmith needs, contact Locksmith Hotline at (442) 368-1269 or via email at

Top General Maintenance Company: Kirschmann Construction

As the thrill of acquiring your dream home settled in, you soon confronted a sobering reality: your charming cottage needed a major overhaul. A laundry list of issues emerged from leaky roofs and creaky floors to the confines of a cramped kitchen.

You ultimately decided to embark on a complete home remodeling journey. Yet, the path to finding the perfect team for this precious transformation was anything but simple. Extensive research loomed, with countless options vying for your attention.

But fear not, for we're here to spare you the painstaking task of sifting through many choices. We've already done the legwork, and our roster includes some of the finest general contractors in the business. Trust us to guide you through turning your home into the dream haven you've always envisioned. Your dream home is closer than you think!

Kirschmann Construction

Kirschmann Construction is a family-owned and operated legacy of excellence with over 30 years of experience. As home remodeling and rehab specialists, they bring your dream home to life with unmatched expertise and dedication to their craft.

Kirschmann Construction offers comprehensive services for everything you need, from bathroom and kitchen remodeling to custom home construction, flooring installation, and more. Kirschmann Construction is not just a general contractor but a reliable partner for all your home improvement needs.

When you choose Kirschmann Construction, you choose a team committed to turning your vision into reality. They proudly serve Riverside, the Inland Empire, and surrounding areas, including Orange County. You may contact Steve of Kirschmann Construction at (909) 225-5825 or email him at to get started on your next project. Your dream home is just a call away!

What Makes a Preferred Vendor

At Management One, we firmly believe that contractors are an extension of our team. They serve as our eyes and ears in the field, interacting with families in their homes daily. It's paramount that we trust them to treat everyone with respect. We also require contractors to provide on-time service and competitive pricing and be licensed, bonded, and insured. We meticulously verify their credentials, subject them to a probationary period, and diligently follow up on each service call.

To maintain our high standards, we conduct surveys for every work order issued by our office. These surveys serve to verify the completion and correctness of all work. Our management and corporate teams actively monitor these surveys to address any concerns promptly. Our dedication to our vendors and maintenance is of the utmost importance to us, so we take it very seriously.

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