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Facts You Should Know

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How Much Can You Rent My Property For?

We provide a complimentary rental analysis from 4 different time-tested sources to give you an accurate rental rate.

Preview on How it Works

 Several factors go into determining the rental rate:

  • Is your property condition up to rental market standards so it can compete in the rental marketplace?
  • Where is your property located? Certain areas within a city are much more desirable than others.
  • What amenities do you have in terms of Square Footage, Bedrooms, Baths, Garage, etc?
  • Our detailed market analysis helps landlords and us make data-informed decisions about their rental property, including rental rates. This analysis helps you constantly invest and have investment property cash flow endlessly, make improvements as needed and keep the resident long term.
The Secrets to Avoiding The Pitfalls
  • Putting money in the wrong places when making your property rent ready. In renting over 11,000 houses, we know where you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Looking at Zillow and other sites and basing your rental rate on their quotes.
  • Basing your rental rate on what you need to cover your mortgage payment.
  • Not recognizing that vacancy is your biggest enemy in rental property.
  • Pricing your property for rent is a science if you want to rent it at the top of the market and fast.

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What Is Your Management Fee and Term Of Your Agreement?

Our fees range from 7% to 9% to allow you, the landlord, to customize our services to what you need.

Price is what you pay; Value is what you get
Over the last 38 years, ninety percent of our 3,000 owners have entrusted us to rent and manage their properties utilizing our full-service premium plan at 9%. What major services determine the difference in fees?
  • Monthly Inspections
  • Annual Inspections
  • Eviction Coverage
  • Guaranteeing the resident
The dollar amount difference from the lowest basic plan to the highest plan on a $2,000 rent is just $20 to $60 a month on average or $2.00 a day.

Bottom line, what is the difference to me?

  • Most landlords associate the % difference in a management fee with selling the property on commissions. A 2% difference on a $500,000 sale is $10,000 in commission, but on a $2,000 rent, the 2% is just $40.00 monthly.
  • Since a management fee is a tax write-off, a management fee of $180 a month after Federal Tax of 30% and State Tax of 10%, which equals 40% in total, your net management fee per month is reduced to just $108 a month.

You can test drive us for an entire year.

  • With our agreement, you can test drive us for an entire year to ensure we’re a good fit for you.
  • You can give us a 30-day written notice to cancel our services in the first year after the property is rented at any time.
  • We want you to feel comfortable and experience the same type of service thousands of our owners have already experienced without being locked in.

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How Fast Can You Rent My Property And Find A Renter?

The average today at Management One is 2-3 weeks.

A stunning property that's priced right can rent in 72 hours or less.

Focus Points
  • Reduce the Vacancy time as it’s painful and costly. The loss in rent of $100-$200 a day can sometimes be as much as the repairs themselves.
  • Making your property rent ready quickly is very important and it’s why we have over 11 general contractors and 92 other tradesmen that can complete repairs, painting, and cleaning in one week.
  • Ensure that the property condition and improvements match the rental rate so it can rent fast.
We call you each week while your property is up for rent to give you feedback to what Renters are saying so we can make adjustments each week to adjust to the marketplace.

How do we Market your Property and Find Renters?

  • Your property goes on Zillow, Facebook, Instagram and hundreds of other social media sites.
  • MLS Multiple listing service with Real Estate Agents.
  • We also have massive resources from being in the rental business for 38 years and a following of thousands of past and current residents and owners who refer us renters.
  • Install attractive for rent signs, it can rent your property 25% faster.
  • Your property is displayed on our website with Multiple Photos and Video Tours of your property.

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What Do Your Renters and Owners Say About Management One?

We Collect and Monitor Reviews on Three Different Platforms: Google, Yelp, and the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

A stunning property that's priced right can rent in 72 hours or less.
At an amazing 39 years and counting, this is how we match up.
  • GOOGLE: On Google, we average a 4.8 rating out of 5 stars with an impressive 370 reviews.
  • YELP: On Yelp, when you combine all three sites, we have a 4.2 rating out of 5 stars with 89 reviews.
  • BBB: After 38 years, we have an unbelievable A+ rating at BBB after renting out over 11,000 houses and representing over 3,000 owners. That’s not easy for any company in any business.
In the first 30 days, you or the resident are with us, we call you every week. After that, we call you, the Landlord, and the Resident every other month for life to make sure our service is always on point.

What is Management One’s satisfaction rate?

  • With you, the Landlord, our customer satisfaction rate is at a solid 96%.
  • With residents, our customer satisfaction rate is 94%.
  • Our satisfaction rate with residents on completed repairs is 90%. The happier the resident, the longer they stay on your property.

How long have Landlords stayed with you?

  • We have 93 Landlords who have been with us over 20 years.
  • We have 33 Landlords who we have served over 30 years.
  • And we have 3 Landlords who have been with for 39 years.

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How Do You Screen and Qualify the Renter?

We have a vetted 10-point screening process that we have used to screen over 11,000 prospective renters.

How Does It Work?

Key Factors:

  • We check 10 specific items from their Employment history, Rental or Mortgage history, their Credit and view their FICO score, etc.
  • Where we differ is that we view the renter as if they are getting a loan; meaning, we check their debt ratios after all expenses to ensure they can make the rent payment not just have a good FICO.

Next Steps After They Are Approved

  • The renter has 24 hours to put up one month’s holding deposit.
  • Resident must get Renters Insurance and show us the declaration page of the policy.
  • Residents must put all utilities in their name and show verification before receiving keys and moving in.
  • Residents are required to attend a 20-minute presentation by our leasing consultants on what they are responsible for and what we’re responsible for to have total transparency.

What Are the Results After 11,000 Renters?

  • Our eviction rate is less than ½ of 1% over 38 years, an amazing 300% less than industry standards.
  • We currently have 69 resident who have stayed in our properties over 10 years, 10 residents over 20 years, and one for over 30 years.

Through our advanced computer system and technology, renters can apply on their cell phones 24/7/ 365 days a year.

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How Do You Handle Maintenance On My Property?

Most landlords, especially new landlords, are unaware that property management is 75% maintenance.

So How, What, And Where Does This Get Handled?

Key Factors:
  • We have over 92 vetted vendors, some of whom have been with Management One for over an astounding 20 years. All are licensed and insured.
  • We have set the pricing on over 650 repairs that are mostly done on a property. It’s broken down by labor, materials cost, and warranty on labor and materials. This protects you from repairmen gouging Landlords on cost overruns.
  • Residents can call or send in a maintenance request from their cell phone 24/7.
  • Once a vendor receives a work order from us, they must contact the resident within four business hours to set the appointment for the repair.
  • If a justified repair costs more than $375, we must call you first for your approval, so you maintain control.

Reporting you receive when a repair is completed.

  • We put in links to take you to the invoice and before and after pictures of each repair. You can also view it remarkably easy on your monthly accounting statement.
  • You can view all detailed reports in your portal on your cell phone, etc., 24/7.

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What Guarantees Do You Offer?

When we fall short of our 96% satisfaction rating, surprisingly it’s more than just an apology, we back it up with money.

Our Guarantees:

When we fall short, we payout on these guarantees:
  •  Response Guarantee If you call, email, or text and we don't respond to you via phone or email within 24 business hours or less, we will waive your next month's management fee. In most cases, we will take your call when it comes in or call you back within 2 hours.
  •  Our Fee Guarantee If you find a lower management fee, we will match it and give another 5% off the monthly management fee. The services need to be the same.
  •  Resident Guarantee We will pay for the eviction, attorney, and court cost if the resident defaults for any reason for the life of the resident. Our eviction rate is less than 1% on 11,000 properties rented.
  •  Rent Check Guarantee If we don't mail your rent within five business days of receipt of the rent, we will waive our management fee for that month. All rents are sent to our Landlords Via ACH (electronically) the next business.
  •  Marketing Guarantee When your property is up for rent, we will call you each week to give you feedback from the week before on applications and any comments from showings.

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Do I Get One Point of Contact at Management One?

One point of contact sounds perfect...but it may actually turn into the perfect storm. 

People do change jobs frequently now, right? What happens when that one person leaves? That's why you get two points of contact at Management One.

There is an excellent reason why we use this strategy:

  • If you have one contact and that person gets sick, goes on vacation, goes on parental leave or quits the company, no one knows much about your property but them. At Management One should one of the two representatives who work hand in hand on your property and should one ever leave; the other one has working knowledge of your property as the next person is brought in and brought up to speed.
  • You have a Maintenance representative that handles all maintenance on your property and who has full working knowledge on your property, with you, the resident and the vendors.
  • You also have an Accounting/Customer service representative who can answer all your questions on contracts, lease renewals, etc.

We are Relationship-based, not Transactional

  • For the first 30 days, we will call you weekly to answer all your questions to make it an effortless transition to start managing your property.
  • We then call you every other month for life; unbelievable, right? We aim to ensure you’re always satisfied with our services. So we run you down, and you won’t have to run us down.

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Can I Do My Own Maintenance Repairs?

There are two scenarios here: When the property is vacant and when the resident is in the property.

Here’s how it works

When the property  is vacant:
  • We inspect the property and give you a written estimate on every item with prices.
  • Then you have two options. You can do all the repairs and cleaning, or we can do all repairs.
  • If you do the repairs, we require you or your contractor to do all the repairs and cleaning, as we cannot split the work between you, your contractor and ourselves. Basically, to many chickens in the hen house, so to speak.
  • If we do the repairs and cleaning, you will submit the funds after we agree on the price of the repairs to be done. Then we will give you the deadline the work will be completed and ready for the resident to move in. We can complete $1000 worth of work every business day.
  • Vacancy is our enemy as most owners are losing $100-$150 a day in loss of rent, so in 20 days that’s a $3000 loss. Some time more than the cost of the repairs.
When the property is occupied by the Resident:

Management One needs to do the repairs and here are the reasons why:

  • Residents move 7 times faster if maintenance is not done on time and done right the first time since they must take time off work, etc.
  • Second, we have no control over you or your repairman's schedule. So resident calls us and we don’t know what’s going on.
  • Thirdly, if your contractor does the work and we're involved in setting it up, there is major liability that could occur if something goes wrong as we don't know if your contractor is insured, or has the proper licenses.
  • Speed in getting repairs done is the KEY to keeping a resident in your property for years. We have renters who have been in the same property for 29 years, 31 years, etc.

Benefits when we do the Maintenance Repairs

  • More importantly by having us do the repairs when the resident is in the property, your resident will stay much longer, eliminating vacancies and rehab repairs in between residents, which averages over $2500-$7,000 each.
  • It allows you to own properties hassle-free and still have protection on any repair over $375, as we must get your approval.

Through our advanced computer system and technology, renters can apply on their cell phones 24/7/ 365 days a year.

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