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1000 Reasons to Refer Your Clients to Management One

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Make up to $1000 For Each Owner Referral

We will pay you an astounding $1000 for each property refer.

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Retain Your Listing Rights

You retain the buying rights (in writing*). If that owner you referred us wants to purchase additional properties, you get the selling commission, and we’ll even help you find them a rental property.

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Earn Residual Commissions

If the resident, we place ever decides to buy the property he/she is renting from Management One, you are guaranteed a minimum of 4 1/2%.

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You Will Earn Huge Commissions

Why? Because you don’t have to find a renter, or find a painter, plumber and landscaper to make the property rent ready, we do all that with fixed maintenance prices. Therefore, you have more time to sell investment properties. We get the job done fast and right! Several of our owners have been with us over 25 years.

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FREE CERTIFIED Rental Comps for You and Your Client’s Properties

Find out what the property should really rent for before you make an offer on the property to buy for your client. Zillow, MLS, and Trulia are sticker prices, not rented prices and sometimes over 15% off. Your reputation is on the line so make sure what.

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