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Top Universities in Riverside, California

Friday, May 17, 2019

Naturally shortly after enrolling in High School, for some, possibly sooner, you start thinking about what College to attend. If you aren’t familiar with Riverside and the options you have for colleges, I am here to help you out. Riverside is best known for the Orange Groves, The Mission Inn, and the Festival of Lights, but Riverside is home to many Colleges that offer premium education.

Being part of the leasing team, I receive hundreds of calls annually for housing near the major universities in Riverside. These schools are some of the most sought-after schools in the State, drawing in thousands of new students each year. Whether you are looking for a public school or a private school, more than likely you will find a school for you in Riverside, CA.

University of Riverside

The University of California, Riverside

Topping the charts is The University of California, Riverside. This school was ranked number 12 public university in America! Currently, home to approximately 24,000 students and growing! This school is popular because of its well-known education system offering a wide range of academic and research subjects. Aspiring Engineers are known to drift towards this school. This college is also only driving distance from major cultural and recreation sites and within walking distance of a movie theater located in University Village which offers student discounts. The University Village hosts yummy spots to grab food and drinks in between classes, study and or hang out dates. You have options to choose from like the Boba Café, The Poke Bar and if you’re like me you can get a quick manicure and pedicure at The Signature Nails & Spa. This university is also surrounded by a wide variety of places to live. May I add, we also manage some of these surrounding rentals. UCR is also ranked very high in several aspects. 

La Sierra

La Sierra University

La Sierra University was named the most diverse university in the western United States in the past five years! The key mission that drives this university is “To Seek, To Know, and To Serve” La Sierra University encourages students to develop a deeper relationship with God. This school is committed to learning and service. Consistent with the life teachings of Jesus Chris and their belief in a God of grace and redeeming love. This University maintains a safe and civil campus environment. This campus sits on 150 acres located in beautiful Southern California and has an amazing doctoral program. This campus is thriving on its personal relationship not only with God but also amongst each other and has many community outreach programs benefiting the neighborhood at large. It is important that the staff and students are able to ensure one on one time to promote growth. While La Sierra University is well known for its Pre-med and Pre-dent programs with many of its graduates enrolling in Loma Linda University for Doctor and Dental Degrees, La Sierra University also has a world-renowned School of Business winning top awards in the SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) competitions globally for the past decade or more. Our very own Conrad Noah, Office Manager, is an Alumni of this prestigious school.  Please check out their website for more information.

Cal Baptist

California Baptist University

California Baptist University is one of the top private Christian colleges and universities in Southern California. CBU is in Riverside right off Magnolia and sits on 160 acres.  

They even have their very own Chic-Fil-A! I discovered the Chic-Fil-A because I had GPS the closest one. To my surprise, I pulled into the campus. I was a little confused, but the Gate Patrol kindly let me know I had access to the restaurant as well. It was a very nice experience and let me tell you that the parking was very easy. I simply parked and crossed one street and I was there. The inside of the building was very clean, and you can just feel the positivity around you. All the students were very kind, not often when you make eye contact with someone and exchange a smile. It’s not a coincidence either that this is a 100% Christian Faculty and Staff. Most importantly, this school offers degrees at the Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral levels.  Fall enrollment was a whopping total of 10,486. The CBU’s bachelor’s degree programs in civil engineering, electrical, computer and mechanical have been accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. If any of these fields are of interest to you, please check them out at http://www.abet.org. CBU is right off Adams Auto Center that will take you right to the freeway which will lead you to a beach within one hour or Las Vegas opposite way within 3 hours. CBU is about 10 minutes from Tyler Mall which shares a parking lot with Barnes and Noble, perfect for studying.  Check out the Tyler mall. The school is also surrounded by grocery stores like Stater Bro’s and the 99 Cent store plus so many restaurants. So, if you do not have a car, do not fret, your feet will have you where you need to go within a few minutes.  

Riverside Community College

Riverside Community College

Lastly, we have Riverside Community College. I personally did not experience University life, but I did attend my local community college. Through my school, I was able to get my first professional job as a Loan Processor. The school offers great opportunities for students so long as they have the required hours, credits, and grades. This school is home to over 19,000 students per semester and excels in programs like liberal arts, science, nursing, and performing arts. The school offers associate degrees and certificates that aid students in transferring to a university or right into the workforce. Riverside Community College is an affordable school with an amazing educational program. Majors that are most commonly popular include Liberal Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Child Care Programs. This doesn’t end here though. RCC offers Cosmetology classes, welding, law enforcement, and physical training as well. It only makes sense to attend this school if you are on a budget but looking to gain incredible knowledge. 61 percent of the students attending RCC agree that the workload is manageable and 78% of the students agree that the professors put a lot of effort into teaching their classes. The school is located in downtown Riverside and is within walking distance of just about everything. Instead of fighting parking to view the Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn, you can simply take a stroll there without having to worry about parking fees. The area is also surrounded by hip bars and clubs and tasty eats. You really get to experience and enjoy college life without having to pay so much in University fees. Check all the cool things downtown

Riverside CA

Riverside is the hub

As you can see all our schools offer excellent academics that will suit your own individual needs. You have many options so choosing might not be too easy for you. From Riverside, you can reach some great destinations such as Newport Beach, Disneyland, Los Angles, Big Bear, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and many other great adventures. You will never be bored. Riverside is the home of the Drive-In movie theater off Van Buren, Castle Park, perfect for date nights to enjoy a night of golfing or rides, The Fox Theater, and the Rubidoux hiking trail. Check out these great things to do in Riverside, CA.