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National Trails Day: Top Hiking Trails In Riverside, CA

Thursday, May 30, 2019

National Trails Day is celebrated the first Saturday in June to bring attention to the importance of maintaining our favorite hiking trails across the nation. Thousands of hikers, bikers, horseback riders and other agencies come together in partnership to advocate for, maintain, and clean up public lands and trails.

You can host an event or find a local event by visiting The American Hiking Society website. If you live in Riverside or the surrounding area, there is a Clean Up event happening at Lake Perris in Perris, CA. The event will focus on cleaning up the shoreline onshore and the water. Once the clean up is complete, there will be a time of canoeing, kayaking, and a potluck. Be sure to RSVP today.

Whether you are an expert hiker looking for a challenging trail or just a beginner, there are plenty of trails around Riverside to please everyone. 

Ready to start hiking and skip all the fluff, no problem, just click here the to download the trail maps for all the trials featured in this article

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A great easy trail to start with is…

Mt. Rubidoux, located in Riverside, CA, and is more of a paved road than a dusty hiking trail. Mt. Rubidoux is no longer considered a “hiking trail,” but it still brings impressive views of the city and is a great way to spend time with friends, family, even taking the dog for a walk. At the top of Mt. Rubidoux, you will find the American Flag and a Cross. As with all hiking trips, be sure to pack sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water.

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Next Stop On the Trail is…Two Tree’s Trail

Two Tree’s Trail is one of seven trails in the Box Springs Mountain Trail network. The trail is about 2.6 miles in total. However, this section of the trail is about 1.3 miles long. One biker states, “It starts as an intense downhill. The trail is super steep, featuring some quick turns and challenging rock sections.” The Box Spring Mountain Reserve Park encompasses 1,155 acres overlooking the University of California, Riverside.

Sycamore Canyon

Moving Right Along…Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park Trail

Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park Trail is a 4.1-mile loop trail located in the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park. The park is 1,500 acres and is one of eight protected core reserves by the Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency because of the Stephens’ Kangaroo Rat. Within the park is the Ameal Moore Nature Center. Opening in 2014 the center is open to the public and serves to promote Riverside Citizen Project. A project which seeks to engage the community in the observation and documentation of Riverside’s environment. The trail features a beautiful waterfall and is rated a moderate hike. Dogs are allowed on the trail but must be on a leash. Beware, depending on the time of year; you are sure to see, snakes and even coyotes.

Sycamore Canyon

Stop and smell the roses…

Or any of the beautiful flowers found along the UCR Botanical Garden trails. Located in the foothills of the Box Springs Mountains the gardens cover 40 acres, a living museum of more than 3,500 plant species and thousands of specimens from around the world. The gardens are used for teaching, research, and demonstration purposes, as well as for appreciation of nature. Explore the many Themed Gardens such as the Butterfly Garden, Herb Garden, Iris Garden, and Rose Garden. You will not be disappointed by the trails surrounding this majestic place.

These are just a few of the great trails located in Riverside. So whether you join an event to clean up trails or not, be sure to get out and explore some of the beauty that surrounds the area.

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