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Best Plumbing Companies in Riverside, CA

By: Management One Team
June 6, 2017  | 

You pull into your driveway after a nice evening out with the family, open the garage door and are greeted with a wall of water. First thought is, “what the heck is going on here?” Your second thought is, “All my Christmas decorations are ruined.”

Then panic ensues: where is all this water coming from, how do I shut it off, what about all my stuff? Who am I going to call at this hour?

And finally, I wonder how much this is going to cost me? Who are the best plumbing companies in Riverside, CA?

Whether you are a homeowner, a landlord, or a property manager, this situation is never fun and certainly not what you want to deal with on a Friday night.

Now, begins the real work: finding an honest contractor that will fix the repair without charging you an arm and a leg.

It is always a struggle to find a good reliable vendor or contractor. As a homeowner, you want to make sure you are getting good quality work at a fair price.

Over the last 8 years, I have spent countless hours on the computer, at Home Depot, and at Lowes in search for that contractor that you can send a work-order to and know that you are going to get great customer service, workmanship, and for a fair and honest price.

Do your Homework

As a property management company or a homeowner, it is imperative to research out a contractor before having them perform work at your home. It is important to make sure any contractor doing work at your home is licensed, bonded and insured.

Did you know that if a contractor is injured at your home, you could be held liable? That’s a whole other can of worms to talk about at a later date.

With access to the world wide web, you can research out plumbing companies in your local area without much effort. A simple search of Yelp ReviewsGoogle ReviewsBetter Business Bureau, and Angie’s List for plumbing companies in Riverside California will provide you instant results. It pays to read the reviews and make sure you are getting the best customer service and pricing out there.

Choosing the Best Plumbing Companies

We know that it is hard to choose the right plumbing company, especially, when you are facing a wall of water coming from your garage at 7 pm on a Friday night.

Panic causes us to make rash decisions, and it might be a huge mistake.

Let us save you some time and frustration….we have compiled a list of our top picks of Plumbing companies servicing Riverside, CA.

While our list is not exhaustive, it does include vetted plumbing companies. Companies that have worked with Management One and our tenants. Companies that are licensed, bonded, insured and work with integrity.

Below is a List of our Top Picks for Plumbing Companies in Riverside, CA

Honest John Plumbing

Honest John Plumbing is a family-owned business. Zach Hayes and his team have been servicing Riverside, California since 1997.

You have probably seen their amazing trucks driving around town, I mean, who can miss the flying toilet man. Zach and his team can tackle anything from a clogged main line to a full bathroom remodel. It is not common to find a plumbing contractor that is also a general contractor. The benefit to this is that if there’s any drywall damage caused by that flood in your garage, they can fix that too. You don’t need a second contractor to come out and clean up after plumber and the water damage.

Zach Hayes and his team just celebrated 8 years as part of service with Management One. They are truly a company that has integrity and great customer service.

If you need a plumber that will service you ASAP, Honest Johns has always been there for us. We can call them, and they will give us same day service. Their customer service and workmanship are one of a kind. Zak is great will follow up and let us know everything that needs to get the job done. When we get an estimate back, there is so much detailed information and photos, that all your questions are answered. They limit the guesswork that some plumbers do. This is an A+ company, and you may not even know who they are.

HRP Plumbing

I found Erick and his team on, and we were lucky to find him. HRP Plumbing has been servicing Riverside and the surrounding area for 10 years. Erick has great customer service and takes pride in his workmanship. He responds quickly to our repair requests. He cleans up after his jobs are completed. He offers fair pricing. HRP Plumbing just celebrated 2 years of service with Management One.


Lenox Plumbing is a family owned business with 2 generations of plumbers working side-by-side. They have serviced Moreno Valley and the surrounding area for nearly 15 years.

Lenox was referred by one of our current owners. Lenox Plumbing can service anything from a gas line to water replacement. Chris and his team bring excellent customer service and integrity to the table. They respond quickly to our service request. Chris takes great pride in his workmanship. They are a licensed, bonded and insured company.

Final Thoughts

We don’t always hit a home run with our picks; sometimes we hit a foul ball with our contractors. With over 32 years of property management experience, we have created a system and checklist to find great contractors. Management One has taken things a step further and set up a pre-set price list for our contractors to follow. We negotiate trip charges, service call fees, and repair costs. We survey all tenants that have a repair completed to ensure they are satisfied with their repair and the contractor.

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