Are you the B.O.B of the month?

And by B.O.B we mean the BEST ON THE BLOCK. Yes, the rumors are true we do drive by each property monthly. We take pictures of your front yard per our contract with the owners. We look for dead or dying lawns, broken down cars, or pets in the window on properties that don't allow indoor pets as this takes away from the property and neighborhood and lowers the value of the property over time.

We also take notice of yards that are well kept. We appreciate those of you that maintain your lawns and keep up the curb appeal of your property. We decided to highlight one B.O.B a month. The winning property will appear in the newsletter and the resident will receive a gift from Management One.

676 Poinsettia is the winner for July 2019

676 Poinsettia

10927 Quail Glenn is the winner for June 2019

10927 Quail Glenn

23495 Rhea, CA the winner is for May 2019

23495 Rhea- May

26145 Tasman is the winner for April 2019

1414 Kirkmichael

1414 Kirkmichael is the winner for March 2019

1414 Kirkmichael

2519 Alysheba is the winner for Feb 2019

2519 Alysheba

1010 Whispering Wood is the winner for Jan 2019

1010 Whispering Wood

14140 Montego Bay, Moreno Valley 92553 is the winner for December

14140 Montego Bay

22871 Glendon Ave, Moreno Valley is the winner for November

22871 Glendon

1880 Brockstone, Perris is the Winner for October

1880 Brockstone

755 Spinnaker, Perris is the winner for August

755 Spinnaker

24384 Rimview, Moreno Valley is the winner for July

24384 Rimview-Aug

4139 5th Street, Riverside is the winner for June

4139 5th Street-June

24392 Delphinium is the winner for May

24382 Delphinium-May

10060 Cartagena is the winner for April

10060 Cartagena

10001 Cartagena is the winner for March

10001 Cartagena