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Let us share with you how we would manage your rental Eastvale property.

Since 1983 over 3,000 owners have trusted our staff and company to represent them and their property. Management One is a very progressive management company and one that stays on the cutting edge in the property management industry. This will get you the owner top rent, rent your property quickly and holding residents accountable for rent payments and your property.

Overview of our Services

While we’re very cost conscious we’re also very value driven. After all your property is a one of your biggest investments and so our owners look at their rental property the same way they would at a serious surgery. While you want a competitive rate, just an important you want the right and best surgeon. The cost to have a top-rated property company with all the quality services that will keep your resident accountable and monitor the condition of your property is less than a cup of coffee a day.

Full Service Property Management

  • Make your property rent ready within budget to get top rent
  • Market your property and Residents must pass our 9-point screening system
  • Prepare the lease and legal documents
  • Collect the rent and security deposit
  • Maintenance repairs with fix pricing and no mark up to Management One
  • Inspect exterior monthly with a photo you can view on your phone
  • Annual inspections of the interior and exterior
  • Evict the resident if necessary and Management One Pays for it

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"I have been with Management One since 1988 and recommend them without hesitation. I am writing today because of two outstanding, awesome, women, Melissa Astudillo and Krissia Pena. I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa and Krissia and have found them to be honest, trustworthy, considerate, and great representatives of an already great company. Wow is the word I will use to describe the impeccable service I have received. Thank you, ladies, and thank you Management One."
-Vivian C.

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Eastvale Area Information

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Eastvale is a city located in northwestern Riverside County. Up until the late 1990s, Eastvale was a rural area and was home to dairy farms and agriculture. At that time the area started to suburbanize to make room for the influx of people coming from Orange County and Los Angeles seeking affordable housing. During the housing crisis of 2009, housing prices plummeted nearly 50%, but that didn’t stop the city from growing. In October 2010, Eastvale officially become incorporated. 

Eastvale is rated the #5 best place is raise a family in Riverside County based on the school rankings, crime rates and housing prices. Currently there is approximately 250 acres of community and neighborhood parks located throughout the city. Eastvale borders the 15, 91, 60, and 71 freeways making it a prime location for those that work in San Bernardino County or Orange County. Eastvale is currently a highly desired rental market making it great place to purchase an investment property.   

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