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Best Locksmiths in Riverside County and Orange County

Friday, November 3, 2017

Does this story sound familiar?

You get home late on a Friday night, looking forward to cleaning up before going to bed, eager for the weekend to start. You try to open your front door to get in your home. You realize that your key will not open the door. You go back into your car to open the garage door, you then realize you gave your son the remote and he is out with his friends. You feel a sense of panic. Wondering, how am I going to get into my home?

You don’t want to sleep in your car. What locksmith is going to come out at midnight and let you in your house without charging me an arm and a leg?

No need to worry, I have the three best companies in Riverside County and Orange County.

Over the last 31 years, we have cultivated great relationships with a few locksmiths around town. Over the years we have issued more than 10,000 rekeys on rental properties. Every time a new resident moves into a home the locks are re-keyed for the safety of the new residents. Additionally, we have used these locksmiths for lockouts during evictions and the occasional resident that locked themselves out of the home late on a Friday night!

locksmith in Riverside County

Below is a List of our Top Picks for Locksmiths in Riverside County

Don’s Lock and Key

Don’s Lock and Key is a family owned business. They have been servicing our company for over 11 years. Don’s Lock and Key has been in business for 20+ years and serviced over 10,000 homes, apartment complexes, and commercial properties.

Their customer service is impeccable. Our residents rave about their timeliness, follow-up, and pricing.

These are the people you should call if you need to unlock your home. Whether it be midafternoon or well past midnight, you can call Don’s Lock and Key anytime, and they will get the job done for you.

Don’s also does a lot of our Marshall’s lockouts on evictions.

And if you need further convincing, they have The Bat Mobile in their showroom? Why? Because they’re like superheroes. But the kind who rescue you from sleeping in your car outside your home.

Visit them at: http://www.donslockandkeyinc.com/index.html

Locksmith in Riverside County

Pop A Lock

They are always on time to the job, give excellent customer service, and their pricing is great. They set the standard high and their timely service is like no other.

Pop A Lock has served the Riverside, California area since 2006. They recently celebrated 2 years as a preferred vendor for Management One. They have serviced several homes, apartment complexes, commercial properties, and will respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. They specialize in bailing out those of us that tend to lock our keys in our car.

Visit them at: http://www.callriversidelocksmith.com

locksmith in Riverside County

Absolute Locksmith

Absolute Locksmith Services is family owned and operated since 1985, they have been providing their customers with the highest quality security products at competitive prices, along with fast friendly service. Absolute Locksmith has a diverse client base, ranging from a variety of corporate accounts to dozens of property managements companies. They take great pride in their flexibility and being able to service their clients with all their specialized needs.

They have serviced several homes, apartment complexes and commercial properties and will respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and holidays. They have a 15-minute response to get in touch with you. If that isn’t quick service, what is?!

Visit them at: http://theorangecountylocksmith.com/index.html.

Locksmith in Riverside County

What Makes a Preferred Vendor

Extension of our team

Our contractors are an extension of our team. They are our eyes and ears in the field every day. They are entering homes with families in them and we need to trust that they will treat everyone with respect. In addition, they must provide on-time service, competitive pricing and be licensed, bonded and insured. We take the time to verify every contractor, put them through a probationary period, follow-up on every service call, and more.

Customer Service

We conduct surveys on every work order that is issued from our office. We want to make sure that all work is completed and done correctly. The surveys are monitored by management and corporate to make sure all concerns are addressed. We take vendors and maintenance very seriously.


Our cost for labor and parts is on a pre-set price list for our vendors. This helps you as an owner knowing you are getting a fair price and you will not get ripped off. We review our price list yearly to keep it completive with the market. We research online, go into to Home Depot and Lowes.

Timely Service

All 3 vendors are at the top of the field. With their timely response and taking care of their clients, I wouldn’t contact another company. These companies have over 50+ years between them. All 3 vendors also are available 365/7days a week including holidays.

After years of working with contractors, we have pretty high standards for our contractors to follow. Rest assured if they are on our preferred vendor list, they must be a TOP NOTCH company.

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