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Best Air Conditioning Companies in Riverside CA (Reviews/Ratings)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The thermometer is rising….and your worst fear comes true…the AC is not working. Now, this is a real problem here in Southern California where the mercury can hit well over 100 degrees in the dead of summer. Who do you call? Not the Ghostbusters! It is always a struggle to find a good reliable vendor or contractor. As an owner, you want to make sure you are getting good quality work at a good price.

Over the last 8 years, I have spent countless hours on the computer, at Home Depot, and in Lowes searching for that contractor that you can send a work order to and know that you are going to get great customer service, workmanship, and for a fair and honest price.

Do your Homework

As a property management company or a homeowner, it is imperative to research out a contractor before having them perform work at your home. It is important to make sure any contractor doing work at your home is licensed, bonded and insured. Did you know that if a contractor is injured at your home, you could be held liable? That’s whole other can of worms to talk about at a later date.

With access to the world wide web, you can research out the air conditioning company without much effort. A simple search of YELP Reviews, Google Reviews, BBB or Angie’s List of air conditioning companies in Riverside California will provide you instant results. It pays to read the reviews and make sure you are getting the best customer service and pricing out there.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Contractor

We know that it is hard to choose the right contractor. Especially, on the cuff, when your home is 80 degrees plus inside, and the outside temperatures are over 100 degrees…desperate times call for desperate measures.

Let us save you some time and frustration….we have compiled a list of our top picks of Air Conditioning companies servicing Riverside CA. Over the last 30 years, we have worked with over 200 contractors, some of them were great while others were not so great. While our list is not exhaustive, it does include tried and true companies. Companies that we know follow up with customers, offering great pricing and work with integrity.

Below is a List of our Top Picks for Air Conditioning Companies in Riverside, CA

Empire Appliance: Empire Appliance is a family owned business, comprised of a father and son team. This duo has been in business for 30+ years and serviced over 10,000 homes. Empire Appliance just celebrated 17 years of service as a preferred vendor for Management One. Their customer service is impeccable. Our tenants rave about their timeliness, follow-up, and their pricing. While you won’t find a website for them or even find them on YELP, they are definitely someone you should call if you need your Air Conditioner repaired. We know you will LOVE them!

Desert Cooling: Desert Cooling is another great family owned business. They opened their doors in 2005 servicing Riverside and the surrounding areas. Desert Cooling takes pride in providing top notch customer service. They are always on time to the job, give excellent customer service, and their pricing is fair. They have experience in commercial and residential HVAC. Desert Cooling just celebrated 2 years as a preferred vendor for Management One.

Hemet Valley Heating and Air: Hemet Valley Heating and Air is a family-owned business. They have been servicing the Riverside and Surrounding Areas for 30 years. They believe in educating homeowners on maintaining their Air Conditioning systems to avoid the major meltdown that afflicts so many of us at the most inconvenient time. Hemet Valley just celebrated 2 years as a preferred vendor for Management One.

What Makes a Preferred Vendor

Management One believes wholeheartedly that contractors are an extension of our team. They are our eyes and ears in the field every day. They are entering homes with families in them and we need to trust that they will treat everyone with respect. In addition, they must provide on time service, competitive pricing and be licensed, bonded and insured. We take the time to verify every contractor, put them through a probationary period, follow-up on every service call, and more.

We conduct survey’s on every work order that is issued from our office. We want to make sure that all work is completed and done correctly. The surveys are monitored by management and corporate to make sure all concerns are addressed. We take vendors and maintenance very seriously.

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