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Property Management Companies – Why Use One?

By Steve Hembree

There are two sides to the property management question: the owner side, and the renter side.

Why use a property management service for your rental? I’ll break it down for you from a unique perspective, using my years as an inspector since 2010 for bank REO properties, doing insurance company inspections, and as a property inspector.


There are articles on this site dealing with this topic in varying ways. Since you are already here, it would be awkward to self-promote this topic again, so instead, I will share with you some of the things I have seen in the field as to why you should use a property management company in general. Further, you may well be outside of an area we cover, such as, I don’t know, Calcutta, India, for example; however, the basics ought to remain the same regardless of region.

property management

What Types of Property Management Companies Are There?

First, there are different types of property management companies. There are:

  • Home Owner Associations, HOAs, which I deal with some of the time, and I’m excluding them here as they are not relevant. However, I will say there are advantages and disadvantages to HOAs, a topic for another day.
  • Companies which wholly own the properties they manage, some of which I have dealt with back after the housing bubble burst. These entities are typically investor-owned and do everything the next entry does, but they also personally pay all the bills, be it property taxes, costs for repairs and property rehab costs. A property owner cannot have their property managed by them, and renters are largely at the mercy of the office and repair personnel, as pretty much everything is done in-house.
  • Companies that manage properties which other private folks own. That is the category in which we fall.
    We hire licensed and insured professional contractors to complete any maintenance, and we have a fiduciary responsibility to all parties.

If one was looking into a property management company like ours from the outside, they might think that all a PM company does is collect rent, separate a fee, and pay the property owner the balance. I can tell you, in our case and from the inside, that there is a whole lot more there than meets the eye. I’m busy, literally, from the time my day starts until the time my day ends, every single day. Why is that?

Because people and properties need time and attention on a continual, and daily, basis.

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What About Self-Managed Properties?

I’d say that is all well and fine, so long as owner and renters understand a few things:

  • That they understand Real Estate laws and rules, as well as Fair Housing rules and standards. We do.
  • It takes time to fix things. Sometimes fixing this, that, or the other thing is best done by the occupant. There’s a light bulb out? Put in another one.
  • Repairing stuff does cost money, and money is not an inexhaustible resource.
  • Not fixing stuff is not an option. A door that does not lock right? That pipe that leaks, but only now and then? It simply is not optional to NOT fix these items. That badly peeling paint on the fascia boards? Fixing this prevents the cost skyrocketing and a diminished property value. That stuff is not strictly cosmetic. And the insurance company can either raise the owner’s rates or cancel their policy!
  • What is your temperament? Can you deal easily with the occasional difficult person? This cuts both ways, and there is more information on this aspect is at the bottom of the article.

Sadly, many people with self-managed properties are without a clue on some of this stuff. I have seen it firsthand.

property management

Actual cases of self-managed properties that ought to have used a property management company.

  1. Bank case, exterior only, nice, newer two-story home, well kept, next to a pocket park.Normally I would avoid speaking to the occupants because if I am there for a bank, odds are the occupants know they are in foreclosure, and any interaction can turn volatile instantly. Outside their house taking pictures, should an occupant see me, the most I would state is, “The bank sent me. They don’t tell me why, they just say go and do such, so I go and do such.” Invariably the occupant would nod and walk back in the house, their argument deflated.In this case, the occupant was driving off, came back and asked me what I was doing, and I gave the usual response. Turns out he was renting the house, and the owner was taking the money and keeping it rather than paying the mortgage. Occupant did not have the owner’s contact information.
  2. Insurance case, exterior only, Banning, <1000 square foot house, near a rural area, approximately 55 years old. Rental, which I knew before arriving. I arrived to find the 62-year-old occupant in the front yard. I could tell on pulling up that there was a lot of deferred maintenance, the man likes his beer, as beer cans were scattered all over the front yard.The man told me he had lived at the house for about 15 years. The owner was VERY absent, so much so that the occupant NEVER called the owner for anything. In fact, he hadn’t seen the owner for nearly 10 years.The occupant was on public assistance. He couldn’t afford his rent to go up, he told me, “that wall that fell apart inside due to water damage? Why, I rebuilt it myself, at my own cost. Added another wall too, made a bedroom into two bedrooms while I was at it. And the fence? Well shoot, I’ve replaced that 3 times in 5 years. I may be cheap (spit, ding) but I ain’t no carpenter.” I think he said “Heeyuck” after this last bit.

Each would have benefited from professional property management.

property management

More Endless Money Holes Sans Property Management

Now I’m going to tell you something that I have very rarely spoken about publicly. Discretion is important, but so is the need to pass information.

I performed thousands of inspections for insurance companies, and about 70% of the time I encountered rental properties. Of those rentals, less than 10% had professional property management. All in all, those properties scored much better than self-managed properties in terms of minor concerns, and major/actionable, concerns.
Of the 90% remaining, about 15% were in overall good condition, with no, or very few flaws. I checked only about 20 properties of any kind, total, where I found no items that could result in an insurance claim.
More than 40% of all self-managed rentals had serious (major, or actionable) problems which could result in lawsuits, and/or policy cancellation. That number could be as high as 60%+, to be honest.

When I received a case from an underwriter, the first thing I checked was if the resident was the owner. If not owner occupied and not managed by a property management company, my job got much harder.

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Property Management Rehab Expertise

I cannot speak for other companies because I have not worked for them; however, I have worked with some rehabbers and checked their work after. I can say, no qualifiers needed, that we have excellence in spades when it comes to rehabbing properties. This means the house is habitable, functions, is secure and is done both in a speedy and cost-effective manner. We use only seasoned pros for rehab projects.

Here’s how I see it, as I explained to an owner recently who objected to the cost of rehabbing his property:
We want you to get you the best resident we can, quickly, and for the least money spent we can do it for. However, sometimes you have to spend some money in order to make some money.
A quick example is a gentleman who recently bought a house that one of our other owners sold, and he snapped it up. $14,000 of rehab later, he’s making income, and his property has gained about $20,000 in value in 4 months down the road. Pretty darn good!

If you’re afraid to spend money to make money, then, by all means, manage your own property. My cousin did it, made millions. Oh, that’s right, he was a tax attorney and spent money, so, yeah, there’s that.
Or you can have Shaky Jake manage it. You know the guy, he hand writes cardboard signs with a sharpie and tapes them to stop signs around town. “$99 property management. Been doing it two whole years. My friend can paint.”
My best advice? GFP: Go Full Pro.

The rehab also ought to serve the purpose of raising the property’s value.

property management

Last words on Property Management

This is either your former home or your wisely acquired investment we’re talking about here. At the same time, do understand that we get it, we live in this world every single day. We understand the value you place on your property.

Regarding temperament

A friend of mine, we’ll call him Willie, lived in a house in San Diego County. Willie admits that he and his family were not the ideal renters, they were frequently late on their rent, and the owners, a couple who self-manage, would let it slide. What’s $25 here, $50 there? Just make it up later,” they would say.

As I told Willie, that would not fly in our business, the rent is the rent, it is based on a legal document and agreement between the landlord and the renter. The renter has their obligations, the owner theirs.

Years ago, the plumbing went bad. The owner’s solution? “Here’s a large Folgers can. This is now your toilet until I can raise enough money (we’re talking weeks here) to fix the plumbing.”

A few years later the 30-year-old water heater began leaking. Willie paid over a $1000, to replace it, which happened to be the monthly rent. The owner

debited this amount from the rent, yet, as I understand it, came back on him later for this cost.

Occasionally, and unannounced, the owner would show up to “inspect” the property. What they would do is ask to be invited in, as it is illegal for a landlord to enter a renter’s dwelling except in very proscribed circumstances in California.

On one such visit, the wife walks into the bathroom and sees a bucket in the bathtub. She begins shrieking, “What! What! That is a bucket! What is a BUCKET doing in the tub?!?
Willie and his wife are baffled but not surprised, she would often make snarky comments and moves furniture when she shows up.
Willie’s wife explains they that, at present, they cannot afford the laundromat up the road, so they are hand washing their clothes.
The wife owner shrieks again while walking out of the house to leave, “I can’t believe what you horrible people are doing to our house!” All of this transpires in front of the children.

Clearly, these owners do not have the temperament to self-manage.

No matter what, always stay cool. Hold your renters accountable, get your rental amount, don’t permit damage, but do so in such a way that they can keep that which is really the only thing that anyone truly owns, their dignity.

property management

Professional Property Management Companies

That is something a property management company ought to excel at. Ditch the headache of self-management and call Management One Property Management for your property management needs. With over 30 years’ experience in property management, we have encountered pretty much every situation that comes with managing properties.


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Property Management Services

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Best Air Conditioning Companies in Riverside CA (Reviews/Ratings)

By Michael Varrati

The thermometer is rising….and your worst fear comes true…the AC is not working. Now, this is a real problem here in Southern California where the mercury can hit well over 100 degrees in the dead of summer.  Who do you call? Not the Ghostbusters!

It is always a struggle to find a good reliable vendor or contractor.   As an owner, you want to make sure you are getting good quality work at a good price.

Over the last 8 years, I have spent countless hours on the computer, at Home Depot, and in Lowes searching for that contractor that you can send a work order to and know that you are going to get great customer service, workmanship, and for a fair and honest price.

air conditioning

Do your Homework


As a property management company or a homeowner, it is imperative to research out a contractor before having them perform work at your home. It is important to make sure any contractor doing work at your home is licensed, bonded and insured. Did you know that if a contractor is injured at your home, you could be held liable?  That’s whole other can of worms to talk about at a later date.

With access to the world wide web, you can research out the air conditioning company without much effort.  A simple search of  YELP Reviews, Google Reviews, BBB or Angie’s List of air conditioning companies in Riverside California will provide you instant results.  It pays to read the reviews and make sure you are getting the best customer service and pricing out there.

air conditioning

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Contractor

We know that it is hard to choose the right contractor. Especially, on the cuff, when your home is 80 degrees plus inside, and the outside temperatures are over 100 degrees…desperate times call for desperate measures.

Let us save you some time and frustration….we have compiled a list of our top picks of Air Conditioning companies servicing Riverside CA. Over the last 30 years, we have worked with over 200 contractors, some of them were great while others were not so great. While our list is not exhaustive, it does include tried and true companies. Companies that we know follow up with customers, offering great pricing and work with integrity.

air conditioning

Below is a List of our Top Picks for Air Conditioning Companies in Riverside, CA


Empire Appliance: Empire Appliance is a family owned business, comprised of a father and son team. This duo has been in business for 30+ years and serviced over 10,000 homes. Empire Appliance just celebrated 17 years of service as a preferred vendor for Management One.  Their customer service is impeccable. Our tenants rave about their timeliness, follow-up, and their pricing. While you won’t find a website for them or even find them on YELP, they are definitely someone you should call if you need your Air Conditioner repaired. We know you will LOVE them!

air conditioning

Desert Cooling: Desert Cooling is another great family owned business. They opened their doors in 2005 servicing Riverside and the surrounding areas. Desert Cooling takes pride in providing top notch customer service. They are always on time to the job, give excellent customer service, and their pricing is fair. They have experience in commercial and residential HVAC. Desert Cooling just celebrated 2 years as a preferred vendor for Management One.

air conditioning

Hemet Valley Heating and Air: Hemet Valley Heating and Air is a family-owned business. They have been servicing the Riverside and Surrounding Areas for 30 years. They believe in educating homeowners on maintaining their Air Conditioning systems to avoid the major meltdown that afflicts so many of us at the most inconvenient time. Hemet Valley just celebrated 2 years as a preferred vendor for Management One.

air conditioning

What Makes a Preferred Vendor


Management One believes wholeheartedly that contractors are an extension of our team. They are our eyes and ears in the field every day. They are entering homes with families in them and we need to trust that they will treat everyone with respect. In addition, they must provide on time service, competitive pricing and be licensed, bonded and insured. We take the time to verify every contractor, put them through a probationary period, follow-up on every service call, and more.

We conduct survey’s on every work order that is issued from our office. We want to make sure that all work is completed and done correctly. The surveys are monitored by management and corporate to make sure all concerns are addressed. We take vendors and maintenance very seriously.

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Property Management Services

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Galvanized Pipes in Your Home: Common Problems and Tips for Replacing

By Steve Hembree


You may have a ticking time bomb in your house. Yep, it’s true…if you have galvanized pipes anywhere in your house.

Do you hear that ticking? No, they don’t really tick, but doesn’t that, in a way, make things much worse? Personally, I’d prefer that they tick.

There are some things you absolutely should know about your piping, electrical, roofing, siding and such when buying a house for any purpose; but in this article, I want to focus in on the piping topic specifically.

What do I know about your home’s piping? Glad, you asked. Since 2010, I have inspected hundreds of homes for banks and brokers, thousands of homes for insurance companies, and I now inspect homes for Management One.

Galvanized Pipes

The Low Down on Galvanized Pipes


I hear you out there: “But mister writer guy, galvanized pipes haven’t been used in years for plumbing, right?”
Well, yes and no. Galvanized pipes are very much alive and well, but not thriving.
Even if you own a modern house, your dwelling likely does have galvanized in use in the gas system, but not to worry, that is a perfectly acceptable use of this type of piping.

Galvanized Pipes

Why were galvanized pipes so bad?

Actually, they weren’t bad.

Nickel coated steel pipes had a lot of great things going for them:

  • they were strong
  • they lasted a fair amount of time
  • they did not contain lead
  • they were cheap

They were a fantastic product in their time, but that time has come and gone. If you own a house (whether you live in it, rent it, or are flipping a house) you need to know two things:

  1. Does your house have galvanized pipes?
  2. How old are they?

If you cannot answer these two questions, you could be setting yourself for a huge expense, and it will likely come sooner rather than later.

What is a galvanized pipe?

Galvanized pipes are not made of some sort of weird material called galvan.

What they really are, as it says above, is steel pipes coated with nickel, that’s all.

Steel is subject to corrosion, but coating the steel in nickel (galvanizing it) guards against corrosion, halts rust, prevents the rust from forming, at lease for a time.

How long? This depends on many factors, but suffice it to say, it is not forever. It is a coating and said coating will wear.

More about Galvanization

Cars rust, especially in areas where it snows, and the government salts the roads. Vehicle makers do a degree of rust prevention before painting cars, and usually, they coat the areas susceptible to corrosion with nickel. They galvanize it, in other words, then they apply a primer, then paint. Even then, some cars will still rust. It’s not that much different for steel pipes coated in nickel.

But my galvanized pipes look pristine!

Galvanized pipes, on the whole, have a lifespan of 50 years. That is a benchmark that insurance companies use pretty consistently from one to another. You can almost set a clock on this lifespan, right about 50 years they can start leaking, bursting, even if they look brand spanking new on the outside. This is because galvanized pipes corrode from the inside out. You cannot see it coming.

Galvanized Pipes

Think of it in terms of a circulatory system

Galvanized piping is a lot like the arteries carrying the blood throughout your body; all it takes is one hang point inside, a burr or scar on an inner wall, to start gunk accumulating at that point.

Minerals such as calcium, lime, and rust gradually coat the interior walls of pipes even without hang points, reducing the diameter, narrowing the pipes internally.

And just like with narrowed arteries, the fluid pressure increases within the narrowed pipe, to the point where it bursts. This is bad when we’re talking about water pipes, just as it’s catastrophic for arteries.

Galvanized pipes can look nearly as new as the day they were installed on the outside up until they burst.

Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes can last a long time, but why chance it?

I have seen some galvanized piping last for 90+ years in the mountain community of Idyllwild, California, for no other reason than the water is incredibly pure. In this mountain community, many residents still swear by, and use, galvanized pipes, mostly because it stands up better to the winter freezes than do copper pipes, or so the belief goes.

Properly prepping for winter freezes by draining the water lines will usually preserve any pressurized water delivery system. Regardless of whether you have pure water or not, freezes or not, if your galvanized pipes are anywhere near 50 years old, your insurer may cancel your policy, or at the very least raise your rates. This is based on facts and experience.

Galvanized Pipes

How can I tell if my property has galvanized pipes anywhere?



If you’re buying a property, your conveyance home inspector will tell you so, and the approximate age of the pipes, but by then it’s a little late in the game. Do as insurance inspectors are trained to do when looking at a house:

  • Look at the outside faucets. Any galvanized automatically indicates 100% galvanized pipes until proven otherwise.
  • Check the incoming and outgoing water lines to the water heater, and I don’t mean the lines that hook directly to the water heater, but the lines that come out of the wall. Galvanized pipes coming out of the wall makes the likelihood of 100% of the same is pretty much a given.
  • Check all the lines coming out of the walls at every faucet, in the kitchen, in the bathrooms, the toilet, as well as the shower pipe behind the bezel. If you find galvanized pipes in these areas, it is a certainty all the piping is the same.
  • Turn on and run the tub, the sinks, the shower. Does the water look rusty? If so I have some bad news for you…

Mixed Piping


There can be a mix of pipes as well, and you’ll have to determine that mix by peeking under the house (if it has a crawl space) or in the attic if the house has a concrete foundation. Seller records will tell you a lot as well but aren’t always available.
Don’t worry about the composition of the outgoing, un-pressurized pipes, only the supply, or pressurized, lines.
Now determine the age of said galvanized piping. If you’re buying a house to flip and the piping is 30 years old, it’s not a deal breaker. If you’re buying a house to rent out, it could very well be a deal breaker.
Use common sense. A 35-year-old house with any galvanized pipes means all the galvanized is 35 years old.

What now?


Re-piping is an option, although you really need to consider the ROI. If the return on investment works in your favor, do it. Say it costs you $5000 to re-pipe, but nets you $7500 in resale, then heck yes!

Just don’t use Galvanized pipes again. Someone, someday, will have to deal with this headache.

Galvanized Pipes

What you re-pipe with does make a difference.


Copper pipes


Copper piping is an excellent product, but expensive, and if the water supply is highly acidic, you will get corrosion and then leaks.

On another note, be aware that while your house may have copper pipes, you can have leaked from unforeseen circumstances. Many houses do not have pressure regulators, as the code did not call for them back then. Things like this can cost you a pretty penny. The speed a tract was built can indicate a higher occurrence of slab leaks.

Galvanized Pipes


Cross-linked polyethylene piping, PEX, is a newer plastic piping material that has been touted as having a “forever” lifespan, but that remains to be seen.

PEX can save you money, it is flexible, and it holds up very well. It is also relatively inexpensive.

Galvanized Pipes


Don’t. Just don’t. I have seen this in the field, and inside my head, I scream. It’s inexperience (CPVC is a little more costly and a better product), but use that PVC piping for the drains and sprinklers, not the pressurized supply lines within. You’ll thank me for it.

Here is a handy link for more re-piping information,

Galvanized Pipes

Actual case history regarding galvanized pipes

One case among a few dozen I remember in the dead of winter up in the aforementioned Idyllwild, CA, where I witnessed all of the above. I had set an appointment to meet the owners of a cabin on site so I could perform an underwriter requested insurance inspection. The owners were driving up from a beach city to meet me at 11 AM. When I arrived at 10:45 AM, I found the property to be a small, isolated, A-frame cabin, completely surrounded by a foot or less of snow, which was beginning to melt on this sunny day.

It appeared someone might be home, there was a snow-covered vehicle on the side, and there were a couple windows open. I knocked, waited, knocked, and called out. No answer, so I started my exterior work.
1st order of business: get the front right photo, then begin measuring the outside of the structure from that side, taking pictures of each side and each corner, all while diagramming my measurements. I discovered two things:

  1. That a foot of snow is really hard to use a measuring wheel on.
  1. The structure clearly utilized galvanized pipes.

After doing all I could outside, and seeing that it was now sneaking up on 11:20 AM, I decided to drive out to the road to get cell reception and call the owner/policyholder.

Galvanized Pipes

We forgot

“Oh, we forgot all about the appointment, but as luck would have it, we are on our way for a weekend there anyway, so lucky you!”

Well, no, not lucky me, I was still cold and would wait another half hour. Had they not responded, I would have turned the case back in as a no-show and let the underwriter deal with it. Never annoy an underwriter. When they want info, they want it. Period. Something had triggered a red flag about this property, or I would not have been sent there.

Those Pesky One or Two Days a Year Homes

The owners arrived and went about the business of “opening up the house.”  I pointed out to them that it is generally a bad idea to leave windows open at an unoccupied dwelling, especially in winter, but that there did not appear to be any breaches, the screens were in place and intact.
Insurance inspectors always check screens, a story for another time.
The policyholders/owners replied that golly, they “must have left the windows open since last summer. Oh well, ha ha, we only use this place a couple times a year” as most Idyllwildians do. Or is it Idlyllwilders?

Galvanized Pipes

Starting the inside

I begin the interior portion of the report, snapping pictures and determining types of floor and wall coverings/materials, all while the owners were doing their thing. The husband went out to turn the water on as I was noting that the property conformed to its year built and square footage in the tax records. The dwelling was about 50 years old. I just happened to look up as water began streaming down the inside of the A-frame’s interior walls. A LOT of water. I shouted out for them to shut the water off.

What happened?

“But, but, we drained the system! We did!”
“If you didn’t close the windows, what are the odds you drained the system?” rolled through my head.
Still, 50 years on galvanized pipes is 50 years. I advised the owner/policyholder to contact their agent, pronto.
I know these folks wanted to blame me, my being there, I could see them holding their tongues, but the fact is, they neglected their home. Whatever damaged the piping surely occurred because of the weather and the piping’s age.

Galvanized Pipes

A Banning House

Insurance inspection, pre-conveyance case:  A couple, mid 20’s, 3 kids, buying their first house, a cute 50-year-old crawl space foundation home.

They were on site with the agent when I arrived, and so very excited at the prospect of no more apartment living, of having a yard, etc.
We were all standing in the garage near the water heater when its incoming water line bursts. The agent tries to direct their attention from the torrent. All I can say is, “Yep, galvanized, 50 years, it happens.”

Galvanized Pipes

Last notes:

Water damage is a serious issue in any structure, dwelling or not. If you use rubber lines from the connections to your clothes washer, get rid of them. Now. They will burst at some point. Go with steel braided lines, they don’t cost much more, rarely burst, and they can stop a major problem later.
Back in the day, washer solenoids and rubber lines were weak points to washers, so people would turn off their washer’s supply lines. the solenoids today are quite good, but those rubber lines? Not so much.

Water heater

Drain your water heater at least once yearly. That “POP” sound your water heater sometimes makes is mineral balls popping inside. Those mineral balls create hot spots on the walls and bottom of the water heater that accelerate corrosion. Those minerals pile up on the bottom so that when your water heater is trying to heat the water, it first has to heat that sediment. That’s not very efficient. And guess what, you’ll use less fuel to heat your water, the heater will last longer, and believe it or not your water will actually smell better. Weird, huh?

Do contact Management One about managing your property today!

Property Management Services

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Best Plumbing Companies in Riverside, CA (Reviews/Ratings)

By Michael Varrati

You pull into your driveway after a nice evening out with the family, open the garage door and are greeted with a wall of water. First thought is, “what the heck is going on here?” Your second thought is, “All my Christmas decorations are ruined.”

Then panic ensues: where is all this water coming from, how do I shut it off, what about all my stuff? Who am I going to call at this hour?

And finally, I wonder how much this is going to cost me? Who are the best plumbing companies in Riverside, CA?

Whether you are a homeowner, a landlord, or a property manager, this situation is never fun and certainly not what you want to deal with on a Friday night.

Now, begins the real work: finding an honest contractor that will fix the repair without charging you an arm and a leg.

It is always a struggle to find a good reliable vendor or contractor.   As a homeowner, you want to make sure you are getting good quality work at a fair price.

Over the last 8 years, I have spent countless hours on the computer, at Home Depot, and at Lowes in search for that contractor that you can send a work-order to and know that you are going to get great customer service, workmanship, and for a fair and honest price.

best plumbing companies

Do your Homework

As a property management company or a homeowner, it is imperative to research out a contractor before having them perform work at your home. It is important to make sure any contractor doing work at your home is licensed, bonded and insured.

Did you know that if a contractor is injured at your home, you could be held liable?  That’s a whole other can of worms to talk about at a later date.

With access to the world wide web, you can research out plumbing companies in your local area without much effort.  A simple search of Yelp Reviews, Google Reviews, Better Business Bureau, and Angie’s List for plumbing companies in Riverside California will provide you instant results.  It pays to read the reviews and make sure you are getting the best customer service and pricing out there.

best plumbing companies

Choosing the Best Plumbing Companies

We know that it is hard to choose the right plumbing company, especially, when you are facing a wall of water coming from your garage at 7 pm on a Friday night.

Panic causes us to make rash decisions, and it might be a huge mistake.

Let us save you some time and frustration….we have compiled a list of our top picks of Plumbing companies servicing Riverside, CA.

While our list is not exhaustive, it does include vetted plumbing companies. Companies that have worked with Management One and our tenants. Companies that are licensed, bonded, insured and work with integrity.

best plumbing companies

Below is a List of our Top Picks for Plumbing Companies in Riverside, CA

Honest John Plumbing: Honest John Plumbing is a family owned business. Zach Hayes and his team have been servicing Riverside, California since 1997.

You have probably seen their amazing trucks driving around town, I mean, who can miss the flying toilet man. Zach and his team can tackle anything from a clogged main line to a full bathroom remodel. It is not common to find a plumbing contractor that is also a general contractor. The benefit to this is that if there’s any drywall damage caused by that flood in your garage, they can fix that too. You don’t need a second contractor to come out and clean up after plumber and the water damage.

Zach Hayes and his team just celebrated 8 years as part of service with Management One. They are truly a company that has integrity and great customer service.

If you need a plumber that will service you ASAP, Honest Johns has always been there for us.  We can call them, and they will give us same day service.   Their customer service and workmanship are one of a kind.  Zak is great will follow up and let us know everything that needs to get the job done.  When we get an estimate back, there is so much detailed information and photos, that all your questions are answered. They limit the guess work that some plumbers do.  This is an A+ company, and you may not even know who they are.

best plumbing companies

HRP Plumbing – I found Erick and his team on, and we were lucky to find him.  HRP Plumbing has been servicing Riverside and the surrounding area for 10 years. Erick has great customer service and takes pride in his workmanship. He responds quickly to our repair requests. He cleans up after his jobs are completed. He offers fair pricing. HRP Plumbing just celebrated 2 years of service with Management One.

best plumbing companies

Lenox Lenox Plumbing is a family owned business with 2 generations of plumbers working side-by-side. They have serviced Moreno Valley and the surrounding area for nearly 15 years.

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We don’t always hit a home run with our picks; sometimes we hit a foul ball with our contractors. With over 32 years of property management experience, we have created a system and checklist to find great contractors. Management One has taken things a step further and set up a pre-set price list for our contractors to follow. We negotiate trip charges, service call fees, and repair costs. We survey all tenants that have a repair completed to ensure they are satisfied with their repair and the contractor.

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Deferred Maintenance of Your Roof: How Much Can It Cost You?

By Steve Hembree


What to do about your roof, and when? What results from deferred maintenance?

How old is your roof? What material is your roof made of?

Answering these two questions right now can help eliminate, alleviate, or mitigate potential losses on your home due to deferred maintenance, be it your primary residence, or a home you bought to serve as an income generator, such as a flip or a rental.

deferred maintenance

First, please allow me to tell you my perspective on this as well as my “credentials” when talking about this topic. Deferred maintenance is the very first thing I looked for (and still do) in my past lives as an insurance inspector, as an inspector for banks and brokers, and currently as a property inspector. That may encompass the roofing, the siding, the yard, the plumbing, the electrical service, foundation, the window glass, and much more. If it is part of the house, I look at it.

deferred maintenance

This article is on roofing deferred maintenance, and there is a lot of information to pass along, so let’s dive in.



Quick note: This involves the house you live in, or are looking at buying. If it is rental that you already own, take caution. Nothing freaks out a renter faster than the owner simply showing up on site and examining the house, especially unannounced.


If you have an occupied rental, ALWAYS let the renter know you’re coming, when, and why, provided it does not violate terms of your contract with a management company. In that case, let the property management company do the heavy lifting for you.

deferred maintenance

Is there deferred maintenance on your roof, and how can you tell?

Roofing repairs can be extraordinarily expensive, but being on guard and vigilant can not only save you money, it can save you a lot of time and stress. However, sometimes with roofing, “it is what it is.” What I mean by that is sometimes roofing just flat wears out, but catching it in time and acting on it can make a huge difference.
Let’s tackle this below.

deferred maintenance

How old is your roof? What’s it covered with?

First off, when was the house built? This is simple logic. If the house is 15 years old, the roofing is too, right? Usually it is, but not always. If there have been roofing repairs due to wind or tree damage, usually most of the roof will be the same age as the house, with some newer roofing. You can usually spot a roof repair from ground level, due to differences is the color, wear, and even style of roofing used on the repaired area.

If the house is, say, 20 to 30 years old, or more, then the material of the roofing becomes the next question.
If the roof is asphalt and it is original, you can look forward to having roofing work done in the near future. Guaranteed, it will be a full re-roof costing you about 8 grand or more. You can spend less by roofing over the old roof; and if done right, you may get another  15 to 18 years of life out of the roof, but odds are the roof will be lumpy and bumpy.

deferred maintenance

Cost of replacing your roof

All costs I’ll list below are based on a 1600 square foot home in southern California, and with decking replacement. If caught early enough, you can save thousands off these prices.

Asphalt roofing is far and away the most popular type of roofing material, due largely to its ease of use and cost, but ironically, that new house with the asphalt roof that you have a 30-year mortgage on will almost certainly need a roof before, or right about the same time you finish paying the house off.

Regular asphalt roofing also called composite roofing, and e-tab roofing, has a lifespan of 20 years, as a rule, but can last from 15 to 30 years. Expect north of $8,000+, installed.

deferred maintenance

Architectural shingles are asphalt tiles (aka composite shingles) which are also known as dimensional shingles. They look 3D, meaning not flat, and oddly like square fish scales. These generally last 30 years, but 40 is not unheard of. Expect $10,000+, installed.

deferred maintenance

Single ply asphalt rolled roofing has a similar, but generally lower, life span than does regular asphalt roofing, is the cheapest of the asphalt materials. Consequently, it looks it too. Unless you have a flat roof, just don’t. The neighbors will talk, you will be shamed in public, and your kids will forego college to live forever in a commune, eating grass and bugs.

deferred maintenance

Hot mop roofing consists of liquid tar applied hot (usually with a mop), and is usually covered while still hot with rocks or gravel. While rare in housing applications, it lasts a similar amount of time, on average, as asphalt shingles. Expect $8500+, installed.

deferred maintenance

Concrete shingles and clay Spanish tiles. Do not walk on these! Ever! Many “Spanish” roofs are actually Spanish style concrete tiles roofs, which are hardier than clay, and much less expensive than clay tiles. Installed right (and not walked on) clay tiles can last 100 years, concrete from 50 to 100 years. Expect north of $22,000+ for concrete tiles, installed, $24,000+, installed for clay tiles.

deferred maintenance

Slate roofing has a similar lifespan, but is usually found on much higher end homes, and lasts 40 to 50 years. And it is expensive! Expect about $24,000+, installed.

deferred maintenance

Metal roofing. Forget tin, it will rust out; however, there are some great metal roofing materials which can last 40 to 70 years or more, but at about three times the cost. Metal roofs do not catch fire, which is a great benefit. Expect $22,000+, installed.

deferred maintenance

Wood shake and wood shingle roofs Most people think they are one and the same, but they are not. A shake roof has irregular sized wood used as shingles, some thicker than others, some wider than others. Wood shingle roofs, however, are pretty homogeneous and consistent in the shingle sizes. Expect 30 to 40 years of life. $12,000+, but why would you do this?

deferred maintenance

Here is a pretty good calculator I found online: Click

Bearing all that in mind, a 50-year-old house with any asphalt roofing ought to be on at least its second roof, and is probably near the end of its life on that second roof. This is where inspecting the roof becomes very important.

deferred maintenance

Inspecting my roof: how and why?

Why should I have my roof inspected? So, you don’t take a financial beating later, that’s why!
Believe it or not, as a non-roofer, you usually do not need to scale the roof of a house to inspect it. Using the common-sense logic above, and carefully examining the roof in person, sizing up a roof from the ground is surprisingly accurate.

deferred maintenance

For a visual inspection, start at the front of the house, usually at the front right of a property, and scan your eyesight along the entire front of the house and roof line looking for any irregularities to any surface at a distance. Then snap a photo. That photo will help you remember anything and everything later on. There’s plenty more house and roof to be seen; but if the house is inhabited, I can guarantee you that some stranger standing in the yard looking around is generally unsettling. So, do yourself a favor, go to the door and introduce yourself.

deferred maintenance

From there, proceed to the left front corner of the property. Do just as you did prior: scan the whole thing, right to left, then look at the property from the center.

See anything amiss? “Like what?” you may ask.
Sagging in the roof, for example. This usually means that the decking beneath is bad, corrupted. It is unable to hold the weight of the tar paper and roofing material. HUGE RED FLAG!

deferred maintenance

Missing, worn, shifted, split or cracked roofing tiles, or curled asphalt tiles (or shingles, if you will).
Missing tiles means water will penetrate the roof.
Worn tiles, as in asphalt, is indicated by a loss of granulation, (the sand texture embedded on the tiles) which helps with grip when alone on a roof, but the loss of granulation is also a great indication of a roof’s age.


Also, shingles will lose their sharp edges as they age, they will become more rounded at the corners.

deferred maintenance

Shifted tiles indicate wind damage, possibly, and permits water to intrude, and cracked tiles will not effectively shed water.
Curled tiles are a dead giveaway to a roof’s age, indicating that it is well past its service life.


Walk all the way around the structure and note any irregularities regarding the roof. This includes fascia boards and eaves. Do note any bare wood and peeling paint.


See the Deferred Maintenance Wood Rot article.

deferred maintenance

If you have doubts on a roof being sound, the attic is the next place to head, but really, isn’t that why we hire Home Inspectors? Remember, there are spiders and stuff up there. [[[shudder]]]

Context of roofing and deferred maintenance

Your roof is the first line of defense, and the single most important element to any home’s “envelope.” The envelope is that which protects your property, or investment, from damage, be it rain, fire, or falling debris. When it develops leaks, get it fixed right away. It could save you between 25 to 95%!

deferred maintenance

Types of roofs by their shape. Which do you have? The more complex the roof suffering from deferred maintenance, generally the higher the cost to re-roof.

Gable roofs

Generally, the most common style of roofing is the gable roof. These can be identified by looking at the edge on and seeing an “A” or a triangle shape viewed from the side, or in some cases from a front/rear view.

Gable roofs, open gables or box gables, usually have level eaves and fascia boards at the front and rear of houses, with angled roofing, eaves and fascia boards at the left and right. Gable roofs are cheap to build due to the consistent shape and spacing of rafters; they shed water well and are generally cheaper to repair. However, they do not stand up to high winds as well as hip roofs do.

Their angles vary from shallow to steep.

deferred maintenance

Hip roofs

The next most common roof shape is the Hip roof. Just like it sounds, the roof eaves and fascia boards surround the home all the way around on a flat plane, whereas the roof itself rises at an angle from each side more or less evenly to shed water.

Hip roofs are more expensive to build due to complex angles of the roofing and rafters, and generally need to use more decking (the wood sheets which support the roof), tarp paper, and roofing material.

Their angles are usually shallow to medium.

Other roof styles: Flat, Shed, Gambrel, and Mansard roofs.

deferred maintenance

Flat roof

Flat roofs are usually covered in single ply rolled asphalt, and aren’t often seen on homes. This style roofing is used a lot on warehouses and commercial buildings. Flat roofs can also be covered in Hot Mop asphalt. Interesting side note, the grand houses of Beverly Hill probably have the highest instances of flat roofing per square foot than any other place.

deferred maintenance

Shed roof


Shed roofing is next least popular, in my observations anyway. Think “Flat Roofed House,” then cut the roof and raise one edge (usually the front) to about a 45-degree angle, then finish off the front and the sides with new siding and you have a shed style roof.

I have never met anyone who stated, “I want my house to look like a shed,” so I have limited understanding of why anyone would use this style roofing, although it is relatively cheap to build, and “sheds” water and snow wonderfully.

deferred maintenance

Gambrel roof


Have you seen the film “The Amityville Horror”, or any of the remakes, reboots? If so, you have seen a gambrel roof.

Odd, and to me the least attractive, but overall it is a pretty simple roof, although the sides can get pretty steep!

deferred maintenance

Mansard Roof


Then we have the Mansard roof. It’s goofy. Think “Addams Family House,” and boom, mansard roof. Roofing material for most of these were originally wood, but as time has marched on and wood roofs have burned away or otherwise rotted, you’ll often find these roofs covered in asphalt shingles, scalloped shaped being common.

Complex roofing, to be sure, and the traditional sloping sides usually end at the top with a small flat roof.

deferred maintenance

Final words


Do bear in mind that as time passes, the costs I have estimated for various roofing materials will change, that is, climb, and that I am estimating these costs in the now, in Southern California.

Be sure to always get 2nd and 3rd bids too, and also keep in mind that if it is raining, you just may be out of luck in terms of getting someone to fix your roof quickly and correctly.

Not taking care of an aging roof is not an option, as that deferred maintenance will cost you a lot more in the long haul.

Oh, and that tree touching your roof? It just turned your new 30-year roof into a 6-month roof. Ouch.

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